Our Team

Team at Roldant Rejuvenation

At ROLDANT REJUVENATION we recognize that nothing is more significant to our clients than getting success, happiness and satisfaction in life.

ROLDANT REJUVENATION comprises of specialists that are highly skilled and successful in their respective fields. They are experts in blending Indian Psychology with modern and contemporary techniques.

ROLDANT REJUVENATION believes that a good Psychologist can be that pair of ears you were so hysterically looking for. He is the one who will listen to you, help you analyze yourself ,your surroundings , your circumstances, your behavior, your interpersonal relations, your stress factors etc. A good therapist will help you de-stress and find ways to discover a better and complete 'you'. He will also guide you to work on community re-bonding that plays an important part in human development, sports, health, industry, media, and law.

Headed by renowned Psychologist , Mr. Vipin Roldant, our team is internationally renowned and includes:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Corporate Psychologists
  3. Clinical Psychologists
  4. Psychiatric Social Worker
  5. SLD specialist
  6. Remedial Tutor
  7. Speech-Language Pathologist(SLP)
  8. Yoga Therapist
  9. Music Therapist
  10. Cosmetic Dermatologist
  11. Theater Coach

We are a team of highly passionate and knowledgeable leaders who have understanding that span across different sectors of life. They have immense experience in treating not just national but international clients. Our team is a blend of high-end, superior and reliable therapists driven by commendable customer satisfaction