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Services Offered at Roldant Rejuvenation

ROLDANT REJUVENATION provides a service that combines several fields of study and academic interest. We follow a multidisciplinary approach of services.

We are a makeover studio that offers services which is a blend of consultation, counselling, coaching, mentoring, grooming and training. We equip you today whilst preparing for tomorrow. We provide general Coaching as well as dedicated coaching courses on the areas of life that matter most.

The number of sessions is determined depending on how quickly client is able to recognize his issues and is able to meet the goals. We believe that behavioral coaching is a means of healthy well being and should be a part of every individual’s life.

We have certified music therapist who help accomplish individual goals of clients with the aid of music interventions. After gauging the potency and wants of each client, a qualified music therapist offers the specific treatment including singing, composing and/or listening to music. With the help of musical association in the healing context, clients' capabilities are reinforced and transmitted to other areas of their lives. Music therapy also offers opportunities for communication that can be useful to those who find it complex to communicate their feelings in words.

We also offer other services like mirror therapy, confidence therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy , group therapy, life enrichment therapy, rejection management, yoga therapy, etc.

Below are few services we offer:

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